Outsource management for trading relationships

or as we say – Due Diligence with Style

A unique risk management solution for the review, control and approval of third party outsourced trading relationships that will revolutionise the way you work


Increase productivity with Dellegance

Affordable, effective, transparent risk management for your outsource relationships.

Ideally suited for regulated environments such as Financial Services.

A Risk focused approach

Focus on trading risks not on the data. All your data and documents in one easy organised structure for maximum visibility.

Stay in control

Risk based assessments;
Auditable processes;
Built-in service level performance metrics;
Concise reporting;
Automatic notifications.


Dellegance provides full audit trail and date stamped system generated documents for all your reviews and approvals. In regulated environments, this is invaluable.


Dellegance fits to your business model, it has a high level of user configuration options.


Have Dellegance your way, a subscription deployment model to suit small, medium and enterprise customers in our cloud or a bespoke model on-premise.

Get It Done With Dellegance

Discover why you should be using Dellegance. Outsource Management can often be more complex than the process being outsourced and comes with regulatory and board oversight risk and responsibilities.

Review the key features that Dellegance provides to empower your due diligence such as Reviews, Approvals, Financial Analysis,  and Audit Management.

Analyse Financial Data

Dellegance contains a financial analysis wizard so you can analyse your trading partners using industry standard ratio’s and compare them over your time to benchmark their performance.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Partners

Effective due diligience empowers the relationships with your most important trading partners and builds mutual trust in their capabilites whilst providing assurance to your team, directors, shareholders and regulators.

Managing Relationships Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Dellegance provides multiple dashboards views, work lists and notifications so you always have visibility of your risk.


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