The 3 Pillars

Dellegance is built around the 3 pillars of an outsource contract.

  • The Parties you trade with who provide Services to you.
  • The Contracts representing the legal agreements in force for the Services the Parties provide.
  • The People within the Party responsible for the performance of the contract.


Parties are entities you outsource to whether an small limited company or a subsidiary of a multi-national corporation. Dellegance allows a hierarchy to be maintained as defined by you and approvals and review to be applied across all or one as you find appropriate.

When you approve Parties, you approve them for one or more Services that they plan to offer you.


You can create multiple contract types, that you define yourself, each of which behaves differently per your configuration.

A Contract carries out Services for you that have been approved for the primary party linked however you can have one or more party service relationship linked to a contract where more than one party provides Service to the Contract.

Contracts can also be hierarchical in nature should sub-contracts be required.


 You have relationships with People from a Party who carry out duties under a contract or are key individuals at a Party – for example Money Laundering or Compliance officers.

People can be linked to more than one Party and are independent of them allowing you to track an individuals career history especially useful when they require regulatory licenses or approval. 


Working Together

Parties, People and Contracts work seemlessly together in Dellegance giving you multiple ways to configure your business model exactly.