Audit Managment



It is usual when managing outsource parties and their contracts to commission on-site audits to their determine their compliance with the contractural conditions of the contract you have given them.

This can be using external expert auditors or an internal resource. Which ever method is chosen, Dellegance manages the process for you though from ordering, reviewing and finalisation of recommendations.

Audit Management Highlights

Auditor Panel

In Dellegance, Auditors are Parties offering audit services  – you can approve them and manage their contracts as if they are a normal outsource arrangement.


Set up bespoke audit terrorites in Dellegance and assign your approved auditor to them.

Audit Plans

Define Audit Plan’s for each “Service Type” and manage all audits for it in a given time period to enable better management and reporting of an audit programme.

Management Oversight

Detailed reporting on audits, plan progress, recommendations and auditor performance.

Audit Ordering

Audits can be created via a wizard, be configured to be automatically ordered by email with links to key documents required by the auditor.

Audit Cost

Manage the cost of external auditors by territory and confirm agreed prices in audit orders.



Record and rate recommendations from audits, generate audit recommendation letters and manage them through to completion.

Auditor Performance

Set-up key metrics for auditor performance and measure and report on them over time