Dellegance has a high degree of non-code self configuration options available to your users (based on their security roles granted).

When getting started with Dellegance, some codes are naturally required for the system to function correctly. Many others though give rich and extended functionlity providing flexibility and refinement as to how you use Dellegance.

Below are some examples of available features and code sets highlighting the above concept.


Service Types

Represents the actual outsource role the Party is conducting and detemines specific parameters around Approval and Audit handling

Contract Types

Classifies the type of Contract issed with your outsouce party giving fine control over Approval, Auditability and Signing

Risk Factors

Create, manage and score your own dynamic risk factors to provide monitoring of higher risk relationships more closely

Dynamic Codes

Create and manage your own code sets for use against Parties, Contracts and People with in-built reporting by dynamically available


Document Types

How documents are stored, handled, destroyed, if a notifiable document type with approvals, templateable and where owned in the system

User Groups

Create your own user groups with their own specific permission roles to control access to sensitive information or manage your users abilities


Configure if and how Approvals are used thoughout Dellegance including master email templates, service levels and recommendation handling


Fine tunes how Reviews are configured and utilised across the system. Review Types add further configuration such as desired Service Level