Managing Documents

With good document management built in, Dellegance provides significant advantages over physical paper storage or unstructured management of electronic documents using windows explorer or similar. When a document is stored into Dellegance, its location and other key attributes are automatically assigned through the use of user configurable document types.


Key features of Documents


Document Types

Documents are assigned to one of the pillars using Document Types which can be co-owned by a functional area such as Reviews, Approvals or Audits . This ensures documents are always found where you would expect to find them;

Auto Deletion

Destruction at birth (defaulted from document type) can be set. This is useful with GDPR compliance.


Auto Expiry

Documents can have an expiry date to enable automatic notification when a document requires refreshing;

Recycle Bin

Deleted document can be recovered via a two-stage recycle bin;


Versions can be enabled to allow historical change to be kept and restoration of old doc versions;

Secure Links

Dellegance creates read-only secure encrypted downloadable links (with time based expiry built in) to reduce the overheads of sharing both internally and externally.


Templates allow for the creation of documents from saved user defined templates. Templates themselves can also have versioning enabled.

Auto Notification

Doc’s added to Contracts can be email notified to a linked party’s external email address using a direct downloadable link (based on a self-configured frequency for each document type).