System Security

Security is a big concern for all of us so we have designed security into Dellegance from the start to protect your confidential data.

  • Access is only allowed for unique user accounts that have been email verified – you, as administrator, can limit your login email addresses to your own domain, preventing the use of web mail accounts and turn on 2 factor authentication to further enhance your control and security;
  • User permissions are finely grained to ensure you can keep sensitive information private inside your organisation.
  • All customer data stored in our databases is automatically encrypted at rest for your added data security;
  • All documents stored in Azure are private by default to you the Customer. Any links to documents generated for use in system documents are read only and the links have an expiry date set automatically at an interval controlled by your administrator.
  • We only allow documents to be stored of specific mime types from a master list which can then be used by the customer for each document type they set up. This is to limit executables and script type files being stored and executed inside our environment;
  • All connections (and data sent) between your web browser and Dellegance are encrypted using HTTPS (SSL);
  • The web application is continuously monitored for any unauthorised access breaches;
  • Dellegance is regularly Penetration Tested to ensure we deal any security issues and new threats as they emerge, Dellegance has been built to specifically limit the most common attacks as defined in the OSWAP Top Ten list.
  • We have measures in place to limit Denial of Service attacks (DDoS).