Why Dellegance? 

Dellegance manages complexity with ease. It has been designed in a generic style that allows configuration to your industry easy whether in the Service or Manufacturing sectors.

With most outsourcing comes the due diligence necessary for the relationship to be managed and often (re) approved either internally or externally (e.g. by a regulator) or both and this usually requires recording and later evidencing. There are often peer review approval processes performed on Parties and the Contracts you have with them. Performing effective and efficient due diligence  can strengthen good trading relationships by building trust and confidence over the longer term.

Typically, in our complex world, you might need to consider factors such as:

GDPR compliance
Financial security
Contract quality
Reputation and Standing
Regulatory licensing
Global sanctions checks
Policies & Procedures
Business continuity planning
Auditing for contract compliance
General Due Diligence

Dellegance handles these challenges with style


Share and record all your activities in one place

Risk Based Approach

A risk based approach focuses on outcomes not record keeping

Operational Efficiency

Automated processes do the work for you. Everything logically stored.

Data Quality

Spreadsheets replaced with auditable and verifiable processes.