Dellegance provides an Approval system to manage the approval status of Party Services, Contracts, People and Documents.

Approvals can be managed manually or fully automated, or somewhere in-between to suit your business process.

Approvers can log into Dellegance and review and approve without manual assistance if so configured.

Key features of Approvals

Approval Process

Differing processes can be created with degrees of automation of approval decision and outcome notification to suit your business model.

Approval Groups

User approval groups are assignedto  approval processes. Approvers can be automatically notified when they have approvals to review.

Manage Outcomes

Auto updates the approval statuses of Party Services, Contracts or People, with future re-approval dates and recommendations. Email’s sponsor with required feedback.

Review Approval

Completed Reviews can be directly sent for Approval. Their Approval Outcome can be usd to  auto update the review subject’s status.



Uploaded Documents can be automatically sent for approval. Once approved, they can be automatically notified.

Service Levels

Set and monitor service levels by Approval Process. Ensure KPI are maintained.


Clear visibility for both Approvers and the Approval manager of all incomplete approvals.


Audit Trails

Automated pdf documents recording approval request and outcomes saved for each Approval creates detailed audit trails.