Dellegance has an active roadmap with many new features planned for 2020.

Under the subscription licenses granted, all users benefit from system enhancements and fixes. The product is designed to be generic in nature, fitting most business models so whilst we enjoy and encourage change, we always ensure that any changes fit the generic model. In that way we limit the chance of a breaking modification across the user base by only adding or improving features, never removing them.

Single Code Base

To ensure quality, consistency and efffective testing, Dellegance has a single code base. Configuration options allows client customisation.


Regular Releases

The core code is updated regularly, usually at monthly intervals, to add new features and minor patches as required.

Agile Methodology

It allows us to focus on early and predictable delivery, business value, quality and predictable costs and schedule to give our customers a better product.


When a client requires specific functionality added, we can provide competitive prices for inclusion into the product as long as it fits within the generic nature of the product.