Dellegance can be implemented for you quickly in one of two ways.

Dellegance takes advantage of many features provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud in performance, resilience and security.

For maximum flexibility, Dellegance is available either in your own private Azure cloud or by using our SaaS solution. Please note that we can only deploy on-premise into your Azure cloud due to the specialist features Azure provides that we utilise.

Our Cloud

A Subscription Service (SaaS) is available based on a cloud based subscription license. This gives you instant access and no setup and cost requirements for your own infrastructure. All system enhancements are included at no additional cost in this subscription model. The Subscription Service license is annual and has three price levels to satisfy your needs:

Users — limits to the number of active logins (5 or 20 users);
Parties — limits the number of Parties that can be active (20 or 50 entities);
Enterprise — no limits imposed.


An On-Premises cloud model where you host Dellegance in your own Azure cloud. This is a subscription license model where you contract, mange and control your own Azure cloud subscription for us to deploy into. Due to the bespoke nature of such deployments, subscription and implementation prices can only be quoted on fully understanding your needs and requirements.


We are always happy to provide prospective clients with a demo environment for 30 days in our cloud. This can usually be provisioned within 24 hours. Please contact us and provide us an outline of your business so we can set it up to suit your preference. Please note that as this is a demo environment, we are unable to convert and retain any data entered into it into a production environment and no disaster recovery measures are in place on the demo servers.